Bordeaux Train Station

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About the Saint Jean Station

Bordeaux Saint-Jean Station, a striking architectural marvel inaugurated in 1898, stands as a testament to Bordeaux's rich history and sophistication. Adorned with intricate details and a distinctive clock tower, the station is more than a transportation hub—it's a cultural symbol. Serving as a key railway connection, Bordeaux Saint-Jean facilitates travel to various destinations, accommodating trains like TGV and Intercity Express. Beyond its transportation role, the station offers a glimpse into the city's past, with its charming interior reflecting the elegance of a bygone era. As a gateway to Bordeaux, the station welcomes travelers with a blend of historic allure and modern convenience. With its well-appointed amenities and surrounding urban vitality, Bordeaux Saint-Jean Station provides a unique and memorable introduction to the enchanting city of Bordeaux.

As you step into Bordeaux Saint-Jean Station, you're greeted by a bustling ambiance that harmonizes modern functionality with historical charm. The station's strategic location in Bordeaux ensures easy access to the city's vibrant attractions, making it a focal point for both travelers and locals seeking a seamless journey and a taste of Bordeaux's cultural richness.

Bordeaux Saint Jean Train Station Info

Facilities at the station: ​​

  • Spacious waiting area
  • Ticket counters
  • Baggage handling services
  • Prayer rooms
  • Refreshment facilities
  • Information desk
  • Restrooms
  • ATM machines
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Lost and found counter
  • Medical assistance
  • Car parking area
  • Taxi stand
  • Dedicated platform for the Haramain High-Speed Railway
  • Energy-efficient lighting and ventilation systems

What to Know About Bordeaux Train Station

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